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Macworld 2007 Follow-up

As previously written, Macworld 2007 included a TextMate booth at the Apple Design Awards pavilion. Since Allan is on vacation, he was not present at the exhibition himself. Instead, Jacob Rus, Michael Sheets and Stanley Rost had kindly agreed to represent him.

An image of the TextMate booth at Macworld is available and Jacob Rus gave an interview to PodTech. During the exhibition, a simple guestbook blog was set up to demonstrate Brad Choate’s blogging bundle.

On Allan’s behalf, I would like to thank Jacob, Michael and Stanley for their hard work at Macworld, along with everyone who stopped by to visit. Allan is still enjoying his long vacation in New Zealand and he will be back in about 2 weeks (9th of February).

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when I bought my MacBook a while ago, the guy in the shop didn’t even know what TextMate is! I hope this changes soon, and presentations like this one ma help :)


How about a ‘lite’ version. I have minimal needs, (no fuss, and reliable editing of any sort of text file, without destroying it. Syntax highlighting and multiple open files in tabs). I have problems paying half the half the cost of MacOSX itself for a text editor. (sorry)

If you don’t want to pay for the powerful features that are TextMate, why not download some of the other free (but less powerful) text editors that are available?